KLIX 2008


1. purpose of the event
1.1. relaxed, fair and ambitious gliding contest
1.2. ascertaining the winners of the cups in all classes
1.3. ascertaining the winners of the cup of county Bautzen for the overall relative best pilot

2. organizer
aeroteamKLIX Segelflugclub e.V.
Am Flugplatz 5, 02694 Großdubrau
Tel.: 035932-30281, Fax.: 035932-31333

3. location and dates
3.1. location: airfield KLIX
3.2. registration: to 15th of January 2008
3.3. confirmation of participation: by the 15th of February 2008
3.4. opening briefing: Friday, 25th of April 2008, 09:00 am
3.5. competition day: Friday, 25th of April 2008 to Saturday, 03rd of May 2008
3.6. final ceremony: Saturday, 03rd of May 2008, 08:00 pm
3.7. possible training days: Monday, 21.04. to Thursday, 24.04.2008

4. general rules
4.1. For execution of the competition applying the FAI Sporting Code and the DAeC Competition Order in the relevant version. Exceptions can be specified by the competition direction.
4.2. The take off is by aeroplane towing.
4.3. For primary flight documentation and backup documentation all IGC-approved GNSS flight recorders can be used. FLARM is permitted as backup system.

5. participants
5.1. All interested women pilots and pilots can take part..
5.2. A change of the pilot in charge is allowed.

6. glider and equipment
6.1. To the class „Langohren“ belong glider with handicap points from 112 to 122 according to index list of open and 18m class.
6.2. To the mixed class belong glider with handicap points from 108 to 114 according to index list of 15m, standard and 2-seater class. Glider of the 2-seater class with handicap under 108 will be scored with minimum handicap. The use of water ballast is permitted.
6.3. In the club class all glider with handicap from 98 to 106 according to index list of club and 2-seater class are allowed. The use of water ballast is not permitted. Glider with handicap below 98 will be scored with minimum handicap.
6.4. The scoring based on the latest DAeC index list (changes by the competition direction reserved).
6.5. Gliders should be equipped with a prescribed minimum instrumentation.

7. fees
7.1. The entrance fee is 125,00 €. It is to transfer in advance by 15th of January 2008 to our club account.
national bank data:
account no. 1000030438
bank code 85550000
Kreissparkasse Bautzen
international bank data:
IBAN DE17 8555 0000 1000 030 438
7.2. precondition to the confirmation of participation is the transfer of the entry fee.
7.3. For an aeroplane towing to 600 m will be invoiced 30,00 € subject to the trend of fuel price.

8. accommodation
8.1. The airfield KLIX have some facilities and modern technical and sanitary arrangements at its disposal.
8.2. There is a possibility to camp. Inclusive sanitary, electrical connection, refuse disposal service and cleaning we charge 46,00 € per adult and 38,00 € for children to 12 years.

9. service
9.1. All results will be published live at screens in the briefing and communication centre.
9.2. A catering will provide from morning to evening some hot and cold meals. Also the bar „Zur Winde“ (to the winch) invite to social gathering.
9.3. For internet access there are free terminals, WLAN and Ethernet plugs available. The internet access is included in the entry fee.

10. registration
The registration can carried out online at The registration is true for the registered pilot at the registered class. Changes of pilot and class is not possible after the registration confirmation.

11. liability and legal process
In this part the participant declare the quitclaim for damages to the organizer excepting cases of intention or gross negligence. At this part, the German text is binding.
For scoring no legal action will be countenanced.
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